Xontormia Express 1275

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  Wir schreiben die letzte Woche des Monats Herdfeuer im Jahre 41 des zweiten
                          Zeitalters. Es ist Winter. (20.08.2022)

Neue Welt

Death to the Dwarves

Frenzy crept to the last tree at the edge of the clearing and carefully observed the dwarven camp. There he was at the end of the line with suicidal orders to attack the dwarves and harass them further until the creatures died from lack of sleep and lack of food. Gnarl was a ruthless bastard when giving orders and Frenzy drew the short straw. The camp was a sorry sight. Frenzy counted 18 bearded fellows shivering miserably in the cold night air. They were well equipped with spears and swords but clearly without food. They lacked all military organization as well. "Eighteen armed dwarves against an unarmed goblin." Frenzy thought counting the odds then shaking his head then he steadied himself accepting his fate. "Orders are orders." he grumbled aloud then charged the enemy.

The dwarves looked at the small goblin running towards them and turned to flee. Frenzy could not believe his eyes. There were eighteen of them well armed and they were all fleeing from him. Well, staggering really. The dwarves were clearly on the brink of death from starvation. What Giblet bragged about stealing all their silver two weeks ago must have been true. And ever since Giblet took their money the goblins drew straws to send someone on a suicide mission to harass them. One goblin per week. Frenzy was the third unlucky goblin to draw the short straw. Forsly and Gobbo, the first two unlucky ones, never came back from their missions and his odds of survival were similarly low. He was furious at his bad luck. He was furious about Gnarl for coming up with this crazy plan in the first place. And he was furious about the stupid dwarves who failed to set a guard and allowed a bunch of goblins to take advantage of the whole situation. He put all his frustration into his punches and kicks and barely noticed the sword cut on his left shoulder or the spear stab in his thigh. When he ran out of breath and fell on his knees the clearing was empty of dwarves. Well, except one dwarf who lay dead in the cold dirt. Frenzy was bleading but still alive. And he managed to kill a dwarf. He looked at the corpse with proud then collapsed next to it.

When he came back to consciousness his wounds have been bandaged and a fellow goblin was stirring some stew in a pot over a campfire next to him. "Morning mighty hero!" said the fellow goblin with a wry smile. "What happened? Who are you?" asked Frenzy. "Fury is my name. I'm here for next week. Arrived just in time to witness the battle. That was five days ago. I thought you were dead for sure but you pulled through. You must be the luckiest goblin in our Tribe." the other goblin replied. "The dwarves?" asked Frenzy. "You kicked one to death. The rest fled. They are camping in another clearing about a mile from here. Most of them died of exhaustion, hunger or froze to death. Only three remain." said Fury. "So Gnarl's crazy plan worked." said Frenzy with a sigh. "Indeed. And if you managed to survive a battle with eighteen of them I figure I have a pretty good chance against the remaining three." replied Fury.

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