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This page is a translated version of the page Regeln and the translation is 100% complete.
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These are the rules for the play-by-email game Eressea. Eressea is played exclusively by e-mail. If you do not have your own e-mail address, you cannot play Eressea. Eressea originates from Atlantis, a game that was developed in 1993 by Russell Wallace. Eressea has been running continuously since 1996. In Eressea you will lead a faction and play together with many other factions of other people in a fantastical world.

The rules are relatively complex. You should read them anyway before starting to play. Just follow the Continue reading links at the end of the page for guidance. Of course you don't have to remember all the details from the start. You will make mistakes, which will have negative impact on your faction, but that's okay! Other people also make mistake and with the help of fellow players, your faction will still have a chance to live on and thrive. Eressea is no fast game. Things are measured in (real life) months and years rather than in days and weeks. Nevertheless, many eagerly look forward to the next turn and some have been in the game for decades.

Warning: Under Construction!

Eressea is a game in the river. It has undergone continuous improvements in recent years and we will continue to work on improving it in the future. This means that rules may change. Since such changes have unfortunately led to extensive disputes between the game masters and a few dissatisfied players in the past, we hereby expressly point out that we reserve the right to change all rules at any time, under special circumstances even without prior notice.

Editing the rules is encouraged, but please be sure to regard the Instructions for editing the rules!

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