Terrain types

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This page is a translated version of the page Geländearten and the translation is 100% complete.
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Terrain max. workers min. workers (despite many trees) max. Trees Stones for road (per direction)
Mountain 1000 100 125 250
Plain* 10000 200 1250 50
Glacier 100 10 13 250
Highland 4000 200 500 100
Swamp 2000 200 250 75
Desert 500 50 63 100
Forest* 10000 200 1250 50
Volcano 500 50 63 250

There are different numbers of jobs available in different regions. Each peasant takes up one job, each sapling four jobs and each tree eight jobs. Under "max. trees" you can see how many trees/saplings would take up the entire space for "field labourers". But even the densest forest yields enough fruit, roots or mushrooms for a few people to make a living. 10% of the jobs in a region, but no more than 200, are therefore never blocked by trees or saplings. If the number of available jobs is exceeded, no more player units can work in this region.

In glaciers, swamps and deserts, road construction is only possible if there are special buildings.

*From a total number of 600 trees and/or saplings, a level is considered a forest