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You can register for playing by following this link Link.

Errors in the Game

A program as big and complex as Eressea inevitably contains errors. The design team strives to find and correct these errors as quickly as possible, but bugs will still appear.

If you can't live with that, you shouldn't play Eressea!

It is not possible to rerun a turn for an individual player. It's either all the players or none of them. Because of this, reruns are rarely ever done, and only if the bug affects a large number of players and is deemed threatening to their existence.

It is also not always possible to compensate for or replace losses caused by errors, especially if people or objects such as ships or buildings are lost.

Even then, it's still a decision that is made by the game masters alone, and is not guaranteed. Minor mistakes often affect many factions, so that on the whole it balances itself out.

Every player is asked to make errors they encounter known to the game masters, also and especially if they profit from them. The best way to do this is to file bug report on Mantis.

Bug Report

Eressea is not without errors, but there are not many. If you think that you have found an error, please proceed as follows:

  1. Double-check that the error is really in the program. Sometimes you just overlooked some detail.
  2. Read the E-Announce mailing list, the existing bug reports on Mantis, or the #general channel on Discord: sometimes somebody else already found and reported the same error, so your report would not be helpful.
  3. Try to remember how the error happened. Collect all the necessary information. File a new bug report on Mantis. It should contain:
    1. your faction number
    2. numbers of the affected units, ships, or other objects
    3. messages from the report relevant to the event
    4. names and ids of regions where the error happened
    5. relevant parts of the current or earlier reports
    6. relevant parts of your orders
    7. the server version that caused the error
    8. a description that contains all information to understand and reproduce the error; including
    9. the initial situation
    10. what you expected to happen
    11. what actually happened
    12. Please do not attach your whole report, if not requested! Bug reports are generally public information.
    13. If you must submit your report or information that you do not want your fellow players to know, add a note to your existing report and mark it as "private".

Please don't be impatient if you do not get an answer right away. If you need help right away, ask on Discord.

Bug fixes are generally not included into the running server right away if they are not serious. Instead, the new code is tested first and then rolled out quarterly after an announcement. This ensures the stability of future turns. So if a bug is marked as "resolved" this does not automatically imply that it won't happen again the next turn.


Cheating leads to exclusion from the game.

Cheating takes the fun from your fellow players and, to be honest, often from yourself. Specifically, the following points, among others, are regarded as attempts to cheat:

Double play

If you play more than one faction ("double play"), you gain an advantage over other players with only one faction. For this reason, double play is generally prohibited. Playing more than one faction circumvents restrictions like unit limit, number of mages and alchemists, or racial features.

The past has shown that such a ban alone is not enough and double play sometimes happens. Without knowledge of the game masters it is always, for whatever region it happened, grounds to be excluded from the game.

Another reason is often that the departure of a faction would lead to a major change in the balance of power. An alliance that loses an important member takes over the player's party and runs it as a second party. This is also not okay unless it has been coordinated with the game management (there are several legacy factions where it has been allowed). To alleviate the phenomenon, we have the command QUIT with the argument FACTION, which transfers the units of the leaving party to an allied party, which ensures that the unit limit and the upper limits for mages, heroes, etc. are adhered to.

Players sharing an E-Mail-Account, cannot be admitted to the game. The danger of cheating is too big. Just get your own E-Mail, it's easy.

Giving or acquiring the passwords of other players is prohibited and sending in orders for other factions is also not allowed.

Not adhering to these rules leads to exclusion from the game.

Second faction

Einzige Ausnahme zum generellen Verbot zum führen mehrerer Parteien: Wer wirklich nicht mit einer Partei ausgelastet ist, darf eine zweite Partei starten, wenn seine erste Partei mindestens 150 Runden alt ist.

Der Fairness halber muss allerdings immer offensichtlich sein, dass zwei Parteien nicht unabhängig geführt werden, und wann immer zwei Parteien ihre Befehl vom selben Spieler bekommen, müssen diese die selbe E-Mail-Adresse benutzen. Die eingetragene Adresse muss existieren und der Spieler innerhalb von 14 Tagen auf Mails der Spielleitung an ihre Adresse reagieren, falls es Zweifel an ihrer Echtheit gibt.

Nichtbeachtung dieser Regeln führt zum Ausschluss aller beteiligten Parteien.

Vacation replacement

While sending in orders for other factions is generally prohibited, the only exception to this are absence replacements. For them to be legal, the party must state the E-Mail of the replacement player and the exact duration of the replacement in their BANNER. Taking over a faction for "liquidating" the faction is not a vacation replacement! Replacements of more than 3 weeks must be reported to the game management. Disregarding this rules leads to the liquidation of the faction.

Exploiting software errors

Exploiting a bug to gain an advantage instead of reporting it to the game management is cheating.

Anti-social Behavior of Players

Please be nice to each other. Even your most vicious enemy in the game is actually surely a nice person and does not deserve being spammed with hoax mails, nasty pictures or other things. Anti-social behavior will lead to exclusion from the game.

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