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Aus Eressea
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Preliminary rules for Eressea 2009 (aka Eressea 1.1):

  1. Heroes have 3 attacks per turn, not 10.
  2. To reduce the amount of units required, there is no more perception or stealth, and likewise, no stealing.
  3. All money-making commands (BUY/SELL/TAX/ENTERTAIN/WORK) have been removed.
  4. The TEACH command has been removed.
  5. The SABOTAGE command has been removed.
  6. The SPY command has been removed.
  7. The DELIVER command has been removed. Use @GIVE to achieve the same result.
  8. You can no longer give items or people to other players with the GIVE command.
  9. Only monsters and the copses of your own army provide loot (no loopholes to #8)
  10. Region ownership:
    1. The faction with the biggest castle in a region is the owner of that region.
    2. The owner of a region gets 1-2% of the region's silver in taxes every month.
    3. The tax money is given to the owner of the biggest castle.
    4. Taxation happens after working.
    5. Region ownership is recalculated after taxation.
  11. There are no cats, insects, aquarians
  12. Every faction has a main race that can be recruited for $100/person, and a secondary race for $500
  13. Valid race combinations are (with secondary race): human(elf), halfling(dwarf), goblin(demon), orc(troll)
  14. Humans can not get migrants (see #8).
  15. To recruit the secondary race, specify the race, e.g. RECRUIT 10 TROLL. Units can not be mixed-race.
  16. There is no HELP GIVE option
  17. Race changes:
    1. Goblins cost only 6 silver maintenance
    2. Humans get shipcraft +3, sailing +3
    3. The familiar races get shuffled around a bit
  18. Combat changes:
    1. You will no longer get the a skill bonus added to your damage.
    2. halberds no longer give a bonus when used on horseback.