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{{#ifexist: Template:PD Help Page/Categories|Vorlage:PD Help Page/Categories|Vorlage:PD Help Page }}

This template is to be transcluded in public domain help pages.

This template will transclude the central en categories template, if the template exists. Include this template in any language subpages, to unify the page's categories across languages.


  • title: Help:Deleting a page --> transclude {{Help:Deleting a page/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/th --> transclude {{Help:Deleting a page/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage --> transclude {{Help:Deleting a page/subpage/categories}}
  • title: Help:Deleting a page/subpage/th --> transclude {{Help:Deleting a page/subpage/categories}}

{{#ifeq: categories|Categories |{{#ifexist: Vorlage:Help/Categories/categories |Vorlage:Help/Categories/categories}}|{{#ifexist: Vorlage:Help/categories |Vorlage:Help/categories}} }}{{#if: |{{#ifexist: Vorlage:Vorlage:En pagename/categories |{{ Vorlage:Vorlage:En pagename/categories }}}}}}