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This page is a translated version of the page Liste der Talente and the translation is 100% complete.
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Here is a list of all skills units can learn in Eressea. This is just a short overview, all details are given in the respective chapters.

Make potions from herbs. Learning costs 200 silver per person. There can be no more than three alchemists per faction.
With a crossbow: fight. With the taxation skill: collect taxes (TAX).
Gives more hit points, making a unit more resistant to damage in combat or due to lack of food (see this table).
Extract iron, laen, or adamantium. You can extract one iron per person and per skill level. For laen and adamantium, you need a skill level of 7 or 8, respectively, and a mine.
Note that deposits are limited by level (see resources). You can only see the amount of iron in the top layer. For prospecting you can only see layers up to (mining level * 2). If the layer is deeper, you won't see anything.
With a bow: fight. With the taxation skill: collect taxes (TAX).
Build castles and other buildings.
In regions with a castle: buy and sell luxury goods. Per person and skill you can trade 10 goods (see trade and BUY).
With a "melee" weapon (sword, claymore, axe, laensword): fight. With the taxation skill: collect taxes (TAX).
Felling trees to make wood or mallorn (see resources).
With a catapult and ammunition: fight. Can't be used to collect taxes.
Find herbs to make potions. Learning cost is 200 Silver per week. With a high level you can give the orders RESEARCH HERBS, MAKE SEEDS (see production) and PLANT. Despite high skill level, you may sometimes find few or no herbs.
This allows you to cast combat spells and other types spells. Learning magic costs silver depending on the level.
This skill is required to get horses. It can be used in two ways:
  • With MAKE [amount] horse a unit captures horses present in the region, at a rate of one horse per person and per level of taming skill.
  • With GROW HORSES you can reproduce horses from existing horses, but you must be in a stable.
With a horse: Strting from riding 1 faster movement; starting from riding 2 you may get the cavalry bonus in combat. Walk with (4 x riding level) + 1 horses or ride with (2 x riding level) horses.
Produce iron, laen, and adamantium armour (see items).
Construct and repair ships with wood (see ships).
With a ship: allows you to sail. All units on the ship with sailing skill count as crew.
Necessary to use the order SPY and thus obtain secret information about units of other factions (skills, true belonging to a faction, ...). Learning espionage costs 100 silver per person per week.
With a polearm (spear, mallorn spear, lance, mallorn lance, halberd): fight. With the taxation skill: collect taxes (TAX).
Produce stones and catapult ammunition (with at least level 3). One stone can be made per person and skill level.
Note that deposits are limited by level (see resources). You can only see the number of stones in the top layer. If there are no stones in the layer (skill level * 2), you can't see anything.
Collect taxes from peasants. Per skill level and per person armed and trained with a weapon, units can collect 20 silver from peasants.
This skill does not increase when used, nor does the corresponding weapon skill.
Building roads from stones. One stone can be built per person and skill level.
In combat, the side with the best tactician has extra attacks (see mustering). Learning costs 200 silver per person.
The unit is always cloaked and only visible to units with the same or greater perception skill. Successfully camouflaged units can steal or thwart guarding units.
Entertain the peasants. If the peasants have enough silver, units can earn 20 silver per person and skill level.
Produce weapons from wood and metals (see items).
Unarmed combat
Player races cannot learn this skill. It is only available for monsters and other special races where it works like a close combat skill without a weapon.
Construction of carts and catapults from wood. A cart can be built with 5 wood. A unit can make 1 cart per person and skill level, a catapult requires level 5 and 10 wood.
The unit is always on the lookout for camouflaged units. For example this allows you to prevent theft (see perception).

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