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{{#ifexist: Template:PD Help Page/Category|Vorlage:PD Help Page/Category|Vorlage:PD Help Page }}

This template is to be transcluded in public domain help pages to categorize those pages.


{{Help/Category|MediaWiki Introduction|lang=zh}}
{{Help/Category|MediaWiki Introduction}}

Default value of {{{lang}}} will be {{SUBPAGENAME}} (which will be "fr", "ja", "th", for, "Page/fr", "Page/ja", "Page/th", respectively).

If you want to specify the sort key, you may instead use the form [[Category:Cat name{{Lang subpage}}|sort key]]. This template is equivalent to [[Category:Cat name{{Lang subpage}}|{{En pagename}}]], but it compute {{If en|...}} two times, while this template compute {{If en|...}}} only once.

{{#ifeq: category|Category | [[Category:{{{1}}}|Help/Category]]| [[Category:{{{1}}}/Category |Help]] }}