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Here are some pictures I've been working on. "Magellan" and "full" representations of Gael Ander, the Band of Bared Blades and the Covenant of Blade & Bow. Magellan actually shows the icons for units and factions if you put them in the Magellan/etc/images/icons/custom/factions/ and /units/ directories. You'd have to rename bbb.gif to gael.gif (both my faction and my main unit are called gaeL). Alliances aren't shown this way in Magellan (yet).

Gael Ander (gaeL)Gael.gif


Faction: Band of Bared Blades (gaeL) Bbb.gif


Alliance: Covenant of Blade & Bow (epsg, hopefully soon to be renamed)Cobb.gif


Island: Golden Spiral


--- Roc4.gif